Fast, Forward, Fiscal & Friendly for Fremont

My name is Justin Sha, and I am proud to announce that I am running for Fremont City Council, District 4.

My education and qualifications are: J.D., University of California, Hastings College of the Law; A.B., Dartmouth College; and Mission San Jose High School. I am a legal entrepreneur and a cofounder of 4 startups. I have served as Dartmouth Class President as well as leader of several community organizations. I volunteer for the CIO Scholarship Fund, and I help run an annual charity golf tournament for student scholarships. ​

District 4 encompasses the northeastern portions of our city, and it is comprised of my community and my neighbors, my family and my friends. My home. I have lived here my entire life. Neighborhood block parties in Canyon Heights. Touch football in the sixth grade during recess at Chadbourne. Sweet Tomatoes fundraisers. Lake Elizabeth picnics. Pokemon Go with my parents in downtown Niles. I am a native son, and Fremont is my home.


The catalyst for my run was a conversation with a close family friend. Like everyone else in Fremont, I was venting about the traffic. That day, it had taken me 30 minutes to drive less than 2 miles from BART back to my house. But what the close family friend subsequently said later served to inspire a thought. He said, “Maybe you should stop complaining. Go do something about it.” And upon reflection, it just seemed like the right answer to so many of the day-to-day things that I wish could be better for our community: I want to do something about it, which is why I have decided to run for City Council.


Moreover, Fremont residents deserve to both actually have and to feel like they have representatives who they know and trust to represent them. A councilmember who is accessible and in-touch with all parts of our community. One who is not just an instigator, but is someone ready to put the needs of Fremont citizens first. A councilmember with fresh ideas. A person who can bring perspectives and technologies from different fields and apply them for the benefit of Fremont and its residents. A councilmember who relies on data and science, as opposed to personal values and beliefs. The City of Fremont deserves councilmembers who will work for every resident in a way that is inclusive and respectful. I promise to be such a representative. I promise to be a councilmember who my constituents can trust to always fight for them. And I promise to prioritize the happiness, prosperity, and welfare of our community, the citizens of Fremont.


I created a hashtag for my platform: #FFFFFremont.

Fast, Forward, Fiscal & Friendly for Fremont –

  • Fast is my number one priority; fast stands for fast commutes and fast implementation of policy.

  • Forward is my second priority, and it stands for the proposition that my decisions will be informed by two key variants of the concept of progress: my actions will be informed by progressive values, which are inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, nationalities, sexualities, genders, and disabilities, and they will be informed by technological developments. I want to incorporate into our city’s infrastructure new technologies that offer a sustainable value-add to Fremont residents in the immediate and long term.

  • Fiscal stands for, of course, fiscal responsibility; budgets are fixed, and decisions must be made fairly in consideration of existing budgetary restraints and impact, given that funding decisions for one important issue will inherently come at the expense of another.

  • Friendly is the fourth F, and it refers to a personal commitment to a representation style that is accessible, empathetic, and open to my constituents.

  • The fifth F simply closes the hashtag: together, we can create a brighter future for Fremont 🌞


Ultimately, I am running for City Council because I want to provide my community greater choice in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 6. As a councilmember, I promise to apply my experience and background in entrepreneurship, statistics, and the law:

  1. to be an articulate, effective, and powerful advocate for my constituents;

  2. to thoroughly evaluate the finances behind each proposal and to actively inspect those that are questionable;

  3. to facilitate compromise and build consensus among councilmembers;

  4. to innovate cost-effective solutions that incorporate the latest information and other technologies if supported by the underlying studies, science, and data; and

  5. to work to bridge the perceived disconnect between the citizens and the council.

Thank you for your time, and many thanks to everyone’s support so far 😊

#FFFFFremont 🙌




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