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Elect Justin Sha

Fremont City Council, District 4

J.D. HASTINGS LAW – Protecting Fremont, Local Neighborhoods & You

  • I will apply my legal expertise to preserve the health of our local community.  

  • I will apply my tech background to synchronize our 220 outdated traffic lights.

  • I will apply my knowledge of business dynamics to drive new & substantial corporate investment to Fremont that benefits current residents & small businesses.

LONG-TIME PICKERING AVENUE RESIDENT who suffers from traffic congestion just like you

  • That is why you can TRUST ME to take a tough stance against irresponsible development & implement new ideas to get things done.

Intelligent Development

  • NO MORE high-density market-rate development. 

  • MUST require proper infrastructure support.  New development must be affordable and near effective public transport.  More green space and recreation.

 Traffic Congestion

  • Synchronize our Traffic Lights with modern IoT technology. 

  • Prioritize the still-unfunded Traffic Signal Modernization Program.

  • Tackle Cut-Through Traffic & local bottlenecks.

A Fast, Forward, Fiscal & Friendly Future for Fremont

  • New ideas, a fresh approach.  Transform the Town Square Plaza into a startup incubator during the day. Virtually no cost, but potential upside is huge.  More new ideas like this.

  • Other Ideas… Instead of Henkel/Niles Gateway, how about a new school/extension to address overcrowding?  Or a park in Canyon Heights instead of more residences?  Innovation & fiscal responsibility – prioritize existing residents & think outside the box!

Traffic Congestion

District 4 residents suffer the most from the cut-through traffic. (The incessant construction along Mission does not help.) As a commuter who lives in Canyon Heights, like you, I am also frustrated when I see some pass-through commuter "cut in line" on Mowry to race into Niles Canyon. Opposite direction past 680 towards Ohlone? Same thing!


Traffic Congestion is will be my #1 Priority on City Council, and I offer a comprehensive approach.

  1. Development

  2. Cut-Through Traffic

  3. Infrastructure & Technology Solutions


No more construction on Mission Boulevard. No more developer handouts. I am a fighter, and I will leverage my legal expertise to actually take a tough stance against developer greed and those who serve them. I will keep our City Council on track. 

Cut-Through Traffic

The "Fremont Funnel Effect" exists. And if Palo Alto and San Jose are the conical mouth, with Fremont serving as the narrow stem, our city holds the key to locking that door shut. No one wants Fremont and our streets to become a mini and slow Palo Alto. I believe that our city has the power to force greater contributions from neighboring cities and the state, in addition to better proposals and faster implementation of such regional projects. One example of a new regional development project? New infrastructure connecting 680 and 83 to address the 680 north lane merge that backs everything up. 

I will double down and mandate that Waze and Google Maps not use local roads as parallel highways for cut-through commuters. 

Infrastructure & Technology Solutions

I will focus on non-controversial solutions where everyone benefits. This includes the simple stuff. More turn restrictions, more stop signs in Mission Valley, more enforcement of right-of-way and installment of metering lights in Niles. 

It also includes applying new technologies. I have spoken with our Public Works Director, and we agree that our system could be much more efficient. Currently, Fremont has a 220 traffic light system. Our signals operate with technology from 15 years ago. IoT technologies have been here for several years. Rather, with me on City Council, I will ensure that Fremont does its part leverage IoT technologies to synchronize our traffic lights. We should use more infrared-based sensors to reduce gridlock. 

Ultimately... we need a city that looks out for residents and prioritizes traffic congestion. No distractions. Because without action, our traffic problems will only continue to get worse. The Mobility Action Plan needs to be funded, and I am also open to exploring bold solutions (e.g., light monorails, new highways, new roads). We should explore all avenues and make responsible decisions in consideration of the immediate and the long-term.

Budgetary Restraint

I pledge to thoroughly evaluate the financials. As a startup cofounder, and given my background in statistics and the law, I will actively challenge not only questionable proposals, but also fellow councilmembers who decline to vote for your best interests. I follow the data and science, and I am a strong believer in methodological rigor. 


My actions are guided by an understanding that budgets are fixed. Funding allocations for one important issue will inherently come at the expense of another. Fiscal responsibility includes a fair and balanced weighing of competing interests. Further, I have a plan to identify comprehensive solutions to not only identify and generate new efficiencies by reducing government waste, but also increase corporate investment in our communities and support our startup entrepreneurs. 

Examples of Immediate Action Items

  1. Transform our Town Fair Plaza into a startup incubator. The space currently wastes away unused during the day. 

  2. Meet with local companies. A tech savvy millennial who speaks the language, I will drive new and substantial corporate investment into our local community.

Progressive, Inclusive & Diverse

I pledge to use my legal background to ensure that your civil liberties are protected. I fight for everyone, not just for the convenient majority. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or citizenship, you can rest assured. Rest assured that I will be your voice and that I will fight for you. 

Moreover, Fremont needs to show more backbone.

Under Chapter 18.155.050(c), no building permit for a residential project may be issued until the requirements of the affordable housing agreement is met, etc. However, there is no requirement that the city must even approve any new additional for-sale or rental projects at all. Yes, every city must strive to increase affordable housing. But we cannot be bullied by developers who try to force our hand. No one wins if the City Council votes "Yes" to every new residential or other land use project. I believe that it is entirely possible to both reduce the rampant and irresponsible development and increase affordable housing. In other words, build less but maximize any new development by substantially increasing the ratio of affordable housing units. New residential projects must be actually affordable—not the $1.5 million "penthouses" currently being built across Warm Springs BART. 

We need more projects that satisfy the spirit of the state's Affordable Housing Ordinance such as Innovia, Central Commons, and the Mission Court Senior Apartments. 

Affordable Housing

I am a business guy with a legal background: in other words, I am a tough negotiator. I know the legal rules, and I think outside the box. With me as your representative, I can assure you that our City Council will no longer be bullied by developers or special interests who misrepresent the facts to reap exorbitant profits at the expense and suffering of current Fremont residents.


The truth is that Affordable Housing and Traffic Congestion are intertwined. As a preliminary matter, I pledge to vote against any further development on Mission. Why? No infrastructure. I believe in Smart Development. This means not building residential development in areas not accessible to effective public transportation as well as maximizing housing that is actually affordable.


Fremont currently gives handouts to developers. Let's follow the data. By the end of 2017, Fremont had only produced approximately 17 percent (283/926) of the City's RHNA target for very low-income units, 27 percent (249/926) for low income units, and 0 percent (0/978) for moderate income units. Despite this, however, 2000 units were approved in 2017, and this is out of 7000 units total over the last 10 years. In other words, we have been building all of these developments and unjustifiably increasing traffic congestion without building new schools, new roads, or housing that is actually affordable to our young people and to our seniors.

I am a millennial, and many of my high school classmates either live at home or have been priced out. My nextdoor neighbor just moved to Portland. For Fremont to be sustainable, we need to make it possible for our young people who grew up here to live here.

FUSD Sex Education 

I pledge to work with the new FUSD Board to bring back sex education curriculum for the 4th and 5th grades. Earlier in 2018, such curricula was eliminated by a 3-2 vote by the current School Board. I believe that such elimination constitutes not only sexist practices that prevent young women from knowing about their own health, but also willful action that contributes to higher suicide rates for our LGBQ and trans youth both in the Bay Area and nationwide. 

Current FUSD Board President, and fellow District 4 city councilmember candidate, Yang Shao was one of those Board members. He chose personal beliefs over science and hard data—ironic for someone with a science background! Rather than revise our curriculum in compliance with the 2016 California Healthy Youth Act, Yang Shao led the charge to not only put all of our youth at risk but also disadvantage them. Eliminating sex education is tantamount to forcing a blindfold over our FUSD students. We want our children to be more prepared, not less. We want our children to have a California education, not one from Texas.  

Fremont needs a representative who not only prioritizes traffic congestion, but also one who wholeheartedly believes in the principles of diversity and inclusion at all levels of government. Given my long history of social advocacy, you can believe me when I actually say that I promise to be and do both. 

Ultimately, our students deserve someone who will fight for them. All of our students deserve better. 

Justin for Justice

A Comprehensive Approach

  • Elect visionary and bold leadership that can see the big picture, and all of its moving parts, and adapt and surmount new challenges.

  • Give the younger generation the opportunity to make a difference and to create a better future for our City.

  • Support a forward-oriented City that can harness the advents of modern technology.

  • Trust in those who grew up here and went to Fremont schools to do the right thing to preserve local character and support resident interests. 

I am independent. I am self-funding this campaign. I have no connection to special interests or to Fremont's existing political elite. I am running because I know that I would impact our city for the better if I were on Fremont City Council and because I want to make sure all  residents are actually represented and heard.  

Justin for Justice—Fighting for Our Dignity and Our Rights. I am here for you. I respectfully ask for your informed support this November 6. 



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